Monday, 10 June 2013

World’s First Table Cafe Launched by Google

As we all know that Google always do something different from their own competitors like Google Nexus, providing Android Platform for Smartphones, Online Google drives, Google Glass project and many more like that and now they launched world’s first Tablet Cafe for public of the Dakar street located in sub-Saharan Africa by providing first access of tablet to people like carpenters, waiters, squabbling children.
World's First Table Cafe by Google

“As this is the first tablet cafe in the world which works with tablets. Yaa… no computers in a cafe there are tablets to surf the internet for peoples” as also said by Tidiane Deme, The head of Google in French-speaking Africa. It’s the concept which is introduced by Google internet searching team and provided the little twist to latest technology to change the traditional cyber cafes to the different level or you can say that PCs to tablets.

As this also solved a lot of problems for those country areas where electricity cuts is the main issue and also like rural areas where people can’t connected with each other but this tablet cafe solved the main troubles for those areas as we know that computers or systems consumes more electricity then tablets and tablets is also portable and can provide you better backup for long time so Google solved the major issue for those country peoples which wants to learn and grow but don’t have the platform thanks to Google.

While Tablets have taken a big part of our life as it is much advanced than the other technology and through this. Tablet cafes could place a mark in Africa because in Africa most of the people cannot afford to buy any technical device gadgets.

Google installed 15 tablets to surf the internet or to do work as like on desktops and also installed different cabins for peoples to chat privately with their relatives as video or voice chatting.

Google believes that they can change the revolution of cyber cafe where people sit in front of computers can now go to tablet cyber cafes as another new big movement from Google as they believe cyber cafes are much more expensive as they have to pay high cost electricity and some time power failures or cutoffs so I think it’s a great idea through which we can save our time, our electricity bills, no worries of power failures and no more backups for systems and big thing is that you can start this business in very lesser space how cool is that.

Google also mentioned that they hope that cyber cafes can attract new customers to their tablet cafes as it's very simple to operate no keyboards working on touch screens and faster processors and its hazel free from anything like starting any operating systems and it…

This is about how Google made another big change to the world by simply opening the world’s first tablet cafe for the African peoples hope you liked my blog post. Please subscribe and comment on my blog and also share your opinions/views about Google’s First Tablet Cafe.